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Caterer jug - 1867

Caterer Jug
    Caterer Jug

This particular shape of jug is known as 'Caterer' jug. It is richly decorated with majolica glazes and has been produced in many different colour variations. The jug features a pewter lid.

This particular shape of jug is known as 'Caterer' jug. It is moulded with bands of oval cabochons and decorated with rich majolica glazes. It has been produced in many different colour variations. The jug features a pewter lid and bears the motto 'What tho my cates be poor take them in good part, may you have better cheer but not with better heart'. 'Cates' is another word for food, especially bought food as opposed to home made food. The motto is taken from William Shakespeare's 'The Comedy of Errors', Act 3, Scene 1. The jug was designed by Frederick Brett Russel and registered with the patent office in 1867 as design number 208750.

  • Type of object: Useful ware/jug
  • Mark: WEDGWOOD
    GGY A
    IV Rd TM63
    [Within diamond mark]
  • Year produced: 1867
  • Body: Queen's ware, cream-coloured earthenware
  • Glaze: majolica
  • Material: ceramic, pewter
  • Decoration: moulded, majolica, hand-coloured
  • Accession number: 5552
  • Dimensions: 248 mm (height), 165 mm (width, handle to spout), 115 mm (depth)

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  • Frederick Brett Russel Designer

    Frederick Brett Russel - Designer (1813 - 1869)

    Born as Frederick Brett Russell he dropped the final ‘l’ from his name when he became an artist. He was a painter and architect and designed several decorative pieces, including the 'Caterer' jug and the 'Flowering Rush' jug illustrated in the '1878' Illustrated Catalogue of Ornamental Shapes and reproduced in Majolica glazes. Some of Russel's work is marked with his monogram impressed.


  • Majolica


    Majolica ware consists of an earthenware body which can be cast or moulded into a wide variety of shapes (including umbrella stands, garden pots, salad bowls etc.) and which is then decorated with a selection of oxide-rich opaque glazes of varying hues. Produced at the old Etruria factory between 1860 and 1910, Majolica proved to be particularly popular with the Victorians.

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