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Copper Plate Boardman - 1813

Copper Plate Boardman, © Wedgwood Museum
    Copper Plate Boardman
    © Wedgwood Museum

This Copper Plate was produced as an armorial ware commission by an unknown family, placed by Wedgwood agent James Boardman.

The Crest Order Book shows that an order for ware was placed in October 1813. The order consisted of 15 peices of ware decorated with a " brown broad and fine distant line with crest in centre big swan on wreath".

  • Type of object: Manufacturing paraphernalia and miscellany/engraving
  • Mark: Cp93 Boardman x 3 (in pencil on reverse); CP93a: Boardman x 2 (in pencil on reverse).
  • Year produced: 1813
  • Accession number: CP93/ CP93a
  • Dimensions: CP93: 58mm x 58mm; CP93a 54mm x 53mm

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