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Dish by Emile Lessore - 1867

Dish by Emile Lessore, © Wedgwood Museum
    Dish by Emile Lessore
    © Wedgwood Museum

This dish by Emile Lessore is a trial of Queen's ware with a majolica glaze.

This dish by Emile Lessore is a trial of Queen's ware with a majolica glaze.

  • Type of object: Trials and experiments/production sample
  • Mark: WEDGWOOD
  • Year produced: 1867
  • Body: Queen's ware, cream-coloured earthenware
  • Material: ceramic
  • Decoration: hand-painted, majolica
  • Accession number: 3907
  • Dimensions: 233 mm (diameter), 35 mm (depth)

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  • Emile Lessore Artist

    Emile Lessore - Artist (1804 - 1875)

    Emile Lessore studied painting in the studio of Ingres and exhibited regularly in the Paris salons for 38 years, winning his first medal in 1831. Lessore initially worked at the Sèvres porcelain factory before moving to Minton. In 1860 Lessore joined Wedgwood where he gained a greater reputation. His work is frequently signed. His work for Wedgwood was exhibited at the London International Exhibition of 1862 and the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1867, and the Vienna Exhibition of 1873. In 1862 Lessore had made an agreement with Wedgwood to return to France where he settled at Marlotte but he continued to work for the company.

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