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Parian bust of Venus - 1850

Parian bust of Venus, © Wedgwood Museum
    Parian bust of Venus
    © Wedgwood Museum

Bust of Venus. Parian 1850

Bust of Venus. Parian 1850

  • Type of object: Portraits and figures/bust
  • Mark: WEDGWOOD
  • Year produced: 1850
  • Body: parian
  • Glaze: unglazed
  • Material: ceramic
  • Accession number: 4006
  • Dimensions: 380 mm (height), 215 mm (width), 150 mm (depth)


  • Parian Ware

    Parian Ware

    Parian - a type of bisque porcelain. Named after the Greek island of Paros (renowned for its fine textured white marble of the same name), Parian was designed to imitate carved marble. It could be prepared in liquid form and cast in a mould thus enabling mass production.