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Pearlware plate with Blue Palisade pattern - c.1815

Pearlware plate with Blue Palisade pattern, © Wedgwood Museum
    Pearlware plate with Blue Palisade pattern
    © Wedgwood Museum

Plate with under-glaze blue-printed Blue Palisade pattern. Pearlware c.1815

Plate with under-glaze blue-printed Blue Palisade pattern. Pearlware c.1815

  • Type of object: Dinner ware/plate
  • Mark: WEDGWOOD
    * *
  • Year produced: c.1815
  • Body: pearlware
  • Decoration: under-glaze blue-painted and printed
  • Accession number: 3686


  • Pearlware



    Essentially an earthenware body, which has had extra flint added to the initial clay-mix and cobalt to the glaze, to enhance the overall blue-white appearance of the ware. Initially perfected by Josiah Wedgwood I in around 1779, this ceramic ware was basically developed to meet the competition of imported blue-decorated Chinese porcelain. Production of this particular ceramic body continued until 1940.

    The development of pearlware by Josiah Wedgwood was a response to his fear that Queen's ware had become so popular that it was losing it's cachet amongst his clientele. For example on the 6th August 1779 Josiah wrote to Thomas Bentley "I should not hesitate a moment in prefering the creamware if I consulted my own taste and sentiments but you know what Lady Dartmouth told us , that she & her friends were tired of creamcolour & so they would of Angels if they were shown for sale in every chandlers shop throughout the time."

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