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Portrait Medallion depicting Charles Pratt, First Earl of Camden - c.1790

Portrait Medallion - Charles Pratt
    Portrait Medallion - Charles Pratt

Portrait medallion of Charles Pratt, First Earl of Camden, Lord Chief Justice. From a medal by Thomas Pingo, 1766.

Portrait medallion of Charles Pratt, First Earl of Camden, Lord Chief Justice. Charles Pratt was a senior British lawyer, judge and Whig politician in the later 18th century. He is shown in profile on this blue Jasper medallion with dark surface and white relief. Charles Pratt was born in Devon in 1714 and joined the Bar in 1738. He was known throughout his career for his championing of civil liberties, the rights of the jury an the rolling back of state power. He was also the first to earn the title of Earl of Camden and progressively also earned the positions of Chief Justice of the Common Plea, Attorney General and Lord Chief Justice. He also served in Cabinet under five different Prime Ministers and was always known for his liberal views and criticism of the handling of America. The medallion was made to celebrate his image in the day, as a famous figure in politics and would be used as decoration on a wall or desk, usually alongside other medallions.

  • Type of object: Plaques and medallions/portrait medallion
    [Impressed on obverse]
  • Year produced: c.1790
  • Body: Jasper
  • Material: ceramic
  • Decoration: dipped
  • Accession number: 11565
  • Dimensions: 108 mm (height), 82 mm (width), 12 mm (depth)

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  • Lord Camden (Charles Pratt) Subject

    Lord Camden (Charles Pratt) - Subject (1714 - 1794)

    Lord Camden was born Charles Pratt, the third son (by his second marriage) of Sir John Pratt who was Lord Chief Justice between 1718 and 1725. Charles became a prominent lawyer and politician and served as Lord Chancellor between 1766 and 1770. In 1765 he was raised to the Peerage of Great Britain as Baron Camden, and subsequently Viscount Bayham and Earl Camden in 1786. He died in 1794.


  • Portrait Medallion

    Portrait Medallion


    A medallion, either circular or oval, made usually from black basalt or jasper, which features a head or head and shoulders study, rather than a relief of a classical nature.