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Queen's ware medal of the head of Livy - 1773

Queen's ware medal of the head of Livy
    Queen's ware medal of the head of Livy

Queen's ware factory record of the Roman History medals of the head of Livy, and on the reverse, the head of Sallust.

The Ancient Roman History Medals depict a series of famous historical events dating from the foundation of the Roman Republic to the end of the Consular government and the beginning of the Augustan Age. As this is an earthenware copy of these medals, we know that this was not intended for sale to the public, as the Roman History medals were made out of black basalt. Instead this particular medal would have served as a record to the factory of the many different medals that Wedgwood made. The front of the medal shows the head of Titus Livius Pativinius (59BC-17AD), the Roman Historian, whose work covered the mythical foundations of the city of Rome, to the reign of Augustus. On the reverse of the coin is the head Gaius Sallustius Crispus who was also a Roman Historian as well as a politican.

  • Type of object: Plaques and medallions/ medallion
  • Year produced: 1773
  • Body: Queen's ware, cream-coloured earthenware
  • Glaze: unglazed
  • Material: ceramic
  • Accession number: 2133
  • Dimensions: 39 mm (diameter), 2 mm (depth)

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