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Rosso Antico flower vase - 1805-10

Rosso Antico flower vase, © Wedgwood Museum
    Rosso Antico flower vase
    © Wedgwood Museum

vase in Rosso Antico 1805-10

vase in Rosso Antico 1805-10

  • Type of object: Ornamental ware/vase
  • Mark: WEDGWOOD
  • Year produced: 1805-10
  • Body: rosso antico
  • Accession number: 1321


  • Rosso antico

    Rosso antico


    Rosso antico (literally antique red) is a stoneware ceramic body developed by Josiah Wedgwood I during the mid-to-late 1760s.  Wedgwood took his inspiration from the traditional red colour clay ware produced in the Potteries area during the 17th and 18th century.  However, he brought it to a degree of perfection not known before and utilised in the production of many decorative as well as useful items.