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Shape 225 - Lunar sugar bowl and cover - 1984

Shape 225 - Lunar sugar bowl and cover, © Wedgwood Museum
    Shape 225 - Lunar sugar bowl and cover
    © Wedgwood Museum

In 1984, to celebrate the 225th anniversary of continuous trading, Wedgwood launched a new and innovative range of forms that became known as ‘Shape 225’. Available in both white bone china and black basalt, which Josiah I had perfected in 1768, this range responded to the elegance of past products while taking Wedgwood design into the future.

In 1984 Wedgwood celebrated 225 years of continuous trade. Josiah Wedgwood I founded the Company on May Day 1759, at the Ivy House Works in Burslem, Staffordshire. To commemorate this historic event Wedgwood evolved a totally new and innovative range of forms that became known as ‘Shape 225’ Contemporary advertising copy made the most of Shape 225’s modern parentage, noting that it was ‘ the creation of Jerome Gould of the international design studio, Gould and Associates.’ Robert Minkin, Wedgwood’s then Art Director, headed a highly qualified and experienced team of designers and craftsmen who worked in collaboration with ceramic technologists in order to bring to life Gould’s concept. Interior of this sugar bowl main body is decorated with a clear glaze, the exterior however has a dual finish applied, from the base moving diagonal across the piece towards the top section a clear glaze has been applied, top section is unglazed. Exterior of cover is unglazed and its interior has a clear glaze applied. Body of this piece and cover are made from black basalt. At launch in 1984 this piece retailed at £22.06.

  • Type of object: Teaware/sugar bowl
  • Mark: SHAPE 225
    [Printed in gold]
  • Year produced: 1984
  • Body: Black Basalt
  • Glaze: clear glaze
  • Material: ceramic
  • Decoration: glazed
  • Accession number: 10884, 10884a
  • Dimensions: 105 mm (height), 130 mm (length), 116 mm (width)

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