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Sierra Oven-To-Tableware Bowl - 1970

Cotswold Shape Oven-to-Tableware decorated in 'Sierra' pattern.

Designed in 1970 in the Studio at Wedgwood, the Sierra pattern was applied to the Cotswold Shape. Oven-to-tableware was just as popular with the public as it had been in the late 1960s. Its appealing patterns and durability meant that it was perfect for families to use regularly in their home. The bowl is decorated with two different colours with an orange colour around the top and a darker brown towards the bottom. The inside of the bowl is a deep, rich brown compared to that on the outside. The bowl has also been decorated with various glazes to give it an appealing shine.

  • Type of object: Dessert ware/bowl
  • Mark: SIERRA
    [Printed in Black]
  • Year produced: 1970
  • Accession number: 1189u
  • Dimensions: 125mm (diameter), 45mm (depth), 50mm (height)