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Tray of Creamware Trials (Copy) - 1765

Tray of Creamware Trials, © Wedgwood Museum
    Tray of Creamware Trials
    © Wedgwood Museum

Wooden tray, with a selection of rectangular glazed and unglazed creamware ‘trials’ including numbers

This selection represents work by Josiah Wedgwood I on perfecting the creamware body, and also the transparent glaze which was to be used to cover it. Each trial is carefully numbered to correspond with an entry in Josiah’s experiment books. The majority of his trials for Queen’s ware were completed by 1763, but individual experiments continued to be made until the 1770s.

  • Type of object: Trials and experiments/jasper trial
  • Year produced: 1765
  • Body: Queen's ware, cream-coloured earthenware
  • Material: ceramic, wood
  • Accession number: 4201
  • Dimensions: 388 mm (length), 285 mm (width)