The Wedgwood Family Portrait, © Wedgwood Museum

The Wedgwood Family Portrait
© Wedgwood Museum

The Collections

The Wedgwood Museum Trust collections are unique in that they include not just ceramics but a huge range of manuscripts, documentation, correspondence, factory equipment, trials and original models as well as fine art and, of course, ceramics. No other collection has the diversity and depth possessed by this accumulation.

The basis of the collections can be traced back to the founder, Josiah Wedgwood I, who was very conscious of the experimental work he was undertaking. Josiah kept his trials and experiments for posterity. These are some of the most fascinating aspects of the 18th century collections.

The Trust’s collections can be divided into many categories but the principal sections include:


Fine art


Social history

Non-ceramic items

Mechanical objects

The Wedgwood Museum Trust collections are always growing but represent one of the most significant single factory accumulations in the world. Download one of the factsheets to find out more.

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