Bert Bentley (1878-1937)

Albert H. Bentley, better known as 'Bert' was both a modeller as well as an ornamentor at the old Wedgwood Etruria factory site. Bert joined the factory in 1891 after training as a modeller. A craftsman of exceptional skill, he is now perhaps best known for his work on Jasper portrait medallions, large size Jasper and Black Basalt plaques, and also copies of the Portland Vase. He worked in close association with Harry Barnard on special projects of a prestigious nature, and much of his medallion and plaque work either bears the initials 'BB', plus an elongated 'O' impressed. Bert retired from working in the factory in the 1930s, and sadly passed away in 1937.

Despite his relatively sombre appearance in a factory photograph in 1898, Bert was fondly remembered by his work colleagues as having a sense of fun, as well as being a historian.


Bert Bentley, © Wedgwood Museum

Bert Bentley
© Wedgwood Museum