Cecil Wedgwood (1863-1916)

Only son of Godfrey Wedgwood, he was partner at the Etruria factory from 1884, at first with his uncle Laurence, and later with his cousin Francis Hamilton Wedgwood. After the incorporation of the firm as Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Limited in 1895, it was controlled by representatives of three branches of the fifth generation - Cecil, Frank (Francis Hamilton) and Kennard Wedgwood. The latter went on to establish an administrative branch of the firm in New York, America.

Cecil served in the Boer War, and was awarded the DSO in 1902. He also served in the First World War, and was killed at La Boiselle in July 1916, leading the Regiment he had raised, the 8th North Staffordshire Regiment.

For further information on the life of Cecil Wedgwood and the other family members cited above, see the Lives of the Wedgwoods Discovery Pack.


Cecil Wedgwood, © Wedgwood Museum

Cecil Wedgwood
© Wedgwood Museum