Frank Wedgwood (1867-1930)

Eldest son of Clement Francis Wedgwood, partner at Etruria from 1889 following the early death of his father. After the incorporation of the firm as Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Limited in 1895, and the retirement of Laurence Wedgwood, three first cousins Cecil, Frank and Kennard, represented the fifth generation of the family at Etruria.

It was the joint efforts of Frank and Cecil which restored the company to profit during the early years of the 20th century - this however was brought to a halt by the outbreak of World War One, in which Cecil was killed. Frank succeeded Cecil as Chairman and Managing Director in 1916. He died suddenly in October 1930, having spent his life as a man who was greatly respected for his integrity in personal and business matters. His quiet and unassuming manner tended to disguise real ability.

For further information on the life of Frank Wedgwood and the other family members cited above, see the Lives of the Wedgwoods Discovery Pack.


Frank Wedgwood, © Wedgwood Museum

Frank Wedgwood
© Wedgwood Museum