Harry Barnard (1862-1933)

Harry Barnard was born in London and left school at l5 to work in a modelling shop of the family silversmiths in St. Martin's-le-Grand, London. He left to enrol at the Royal School (now Royal College) of Art where he studied drawing and modelling. In l880 he joined the Doulton Lambeth Studios, working under the supervision of Mark Marshall. At the age of 22 he was the under-manager of the extensive studios (which then employed 325 women and 45 men and boys). All the work produced was hand-crafted. In February l895 he left Doulton to join the Cobridge based firm of James Macintyre. A year later he joined the Wedgwood factory at Etruria. He was able to apply his expertise in hand-crafted wares - for example slip decorating, jewelling, sgraffito and pâte-sur-pâte to its fullest extent.

He utilised his art techniques on traditional Wedgwood Ceramic bodies, such as Jasper and Black Basalt. He also produced designs for production in bone china, stone ware, Majolica and tiles. For a number of years between l902 and l9l9 he became the Wedgwood London Manager, returning to the factory he collaborated on special projects such as a new edition of the famed Portland Vase. He also assisted extensively with the factory Museum, and both wrote and lectured on Wedgwood ware and history. He continued to design and decorate individual art wares until his death in l933.


Harry Barnard, © Wedgwood Museum

Harry Barnard
© Wedgwood Museum