Ivy House Works (1759-62)

The 'House and Work Houses' were rented by Josiah Wedgwood I from 1 May 1759, from his kinsman John Wedgwood of the Big House, Burslem. This was the first site occupied by Josiah, and he remained there until the end of 1762, or possibly the beginning of 1763, when he moved location to the larger Brick House Works, which were nearby. From this time Josiah’s cousin, 'Useful' Thomas Wedgwood (1734-88) agreed to work as a journeyman.

As early as 1760 John Wesley was preaching in the Potteries and noted: 'I met a young man by the name of J. Wedgwood who planted a flower garden adjacent to his pottery. He also has his men wash their hands and faces and change their clothes after working in the clay. He is small and lame but his soul is close to God'.


Ivy House Works, © Wedgwood Museum

Ivy House Works
© Wedgwood Museum