Thomas Byerley (1747-1810)

Only son of Josiah's elder sister Margaret. In 1768 he was helped by Josiah to emigrate to America, but on returning to England in 1775 Josiah gave him a job as a clerk at Etruria. He became a useful salesman, and by the age of 33 was his uncle's most trusted and senior manager. He took over as manager of the London Showrooms when Thomas Bentley, Josiah's ornamental ware partner, died in 1780. Following the death of his uncle, Josiah I, in 1795, much of the factory and showroom business became his responsibility. He died in September 1810 following a short illness, and a portrait medallion in his memory was modelled for the Wedgwood factory by William Theed in that same year.


Thomas Byerley, © Wedgwood Museum

Thomas Byerley
© Wedgwood Museum