Robert Waring Darwin (1766-1848)

Robert Waring Darwin was the third son of Erasmus and his first wife, Mary Howard. As a child, he studied with the young Wedgwoods at Etruria Hall, later taking a number of degrees at Edinburgh University. At the age of 21, he settled in Shrewsbury where, like his father before him, he became a doctor. He set up a thriving medical practice and bought land on the Welsh side of the town where he built the family home - 'The Mount'.

He was a very keen collector not only of rare shrubs and plants but also of books, and Wedgwood ware, including a Portland vase and other pieces. His famous son, Charles, remembered him both as the largest and the kindest man he ever met.


Robert Waring Darwin, © Wedgwood Museum

Robert Waring Darwin
© Wedgwood Museum

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