The fourth generation

This chapter includes biographies of Godfrey Wedgwood, Clement Wedgwood, Frances Julia Wedgwood, Margaret Vaughan Williams and Laurence Wedgwood.

Godfrey, Clement and Laurence Wedgwood were all partners in the family company at various times. Godfrey helped to revive the company's fortunes towards the end of the 19th century despite - like his great grandfather Josiah I - only having one leg. Clement was an enthusiastic educationalist, both for the Hanley School Board and in provision for factory workers during lunch breaks. Laurence was instrumental in the family firm being incorporated as Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd.

Frances Julia Wedgwood was the daughter of Henlseigh. She overcame deafness to become a renowned feminist novelist, biographer, historian and literary critic. She was also a close friend of Robert Browning.

Margaret Wedgwood was the middle daughter of Josiah III. She married the Rev Arthur Vaughan Williams, and was the mother of the eminent composer and folk song collector, Ralph Vaughan Williams.